Without these wonderful people, we would not be able to run this event. Dave, Tracey and Sherry have graciously offered their time to come judge our competition and make this a great Regionals. Get to know your judges and just where they came from in the world of agility…

Dave Langen

Dave has in one way or another had dogs most of his life. He and his wife, Lori along with a few friends heard about agility and decided to give it a try. In 1996, they co-founded “Top Dog Agility” in Prince George. Dave competed with Krista, weimaraner in CKC Obedience and decided to give agility a try. The family was hooked. A short time later, Kaylee (GSP) joined the family. Dave competed with her in Agility, CKC Obedience, and Rally Obedience until she retired. In 2001, the family relocated to Swift Current, SK. Once again a few friends got together and co-founded Speedy Dog Agility Working Group. Dave has run at the master’s level in agility, as well, as run at the regional and national level with Kaylee and Brock (both GSP’s). He currently competes with Storm, a vizsla, in agility and rally obedience. Dave became an AAC Agility judge, for all levels. He has judged numerous regionals. He is the main instructor for Speedy D.A.W.G

Tracey Mallinson

Tracey started learning agility in 1996. She saw the Super Dogs and it inspired her to try teaching her dog something other than fetch. She has had five agility dogs over the years. Currently she runs William Wallace, and occasionally runs her spouse’s dog Jack Sparrow. She really loves training, competing, demonstrating, and judging agility.

“I hope I meet each and every competitor at your Regionals. My advice for new competitors is the same as my advice for long time competitors – Time is short, and it goes faster in the end. Never miss an opportunity to have a good time with your dog. Let them lick your face, share your snacks, and pet them often. It is possible to have fun while being competitive. Run your guts out, cheer on your friends, have a laugh, and if it all goes horribly wrong – be photogenic.” – Tracey

Sherry Taylor

Sherry started her first set of agility lessons in October 1998 with her Rottweiler “Hercules” and she was hooked! Her favourite part of agility is chasing those moments of timing and connection. When it comes together it is bliss.

“Enjoy every moment” – Sherry

(Photo taken by Jean Konda-Witte www.photoplaysportrait.com)