Winner!!  Kerry Rosenbach and Swiper

Qualifications:  The team (especially the dog) exhibiting the most joy to be out there running agility!

This award is in memory of Scooter Jones, the inspiration for our Regionals logo.

Donated by Scooter's owner Jane Jefferis in partnership with 

Paula Collins (Hairy Barkers)

and Jess Archambault (Custom Agility Gear)


Winner!!  Roberta Elves and Rolo

Qualifications:  Oldest dog qualifying for nationals

Donated by U-Pet Wellness - Laurrie Sobie


Winner!!  Emily Orton and Scout

Qualifications:  Closest dog/handler team to 350 points qualifying for nationals

Donated by the Performance Agility Club of Edmonton (PACE)


Winner!! Karla Wright and Monty J. Littlebear 

Qualifications:  Closest dog/handler team to 350 points without qualifying

Donated by Flashing Canines Agility Club

Rhonda Kasowski Memorial Award

Winner!!  Allan Kaufman and Jazz

Rhonda Kasowski (Nov 2nd 1972- Jan 17th 2018)

Rhonda sadly lost her 4 year battle with cancer in January of this year. Rhonda was a caring and selfless person. She ran a border collie named Bailey and started training a pup named Loco. Bailey and Rhonda competed at many regionals and nationals. They were an admirable team. If she wasn’t dancing on the agility field she was diving in the magnificent ocean. Rhonda was the type of person that didn’t let her illness get the better of her. She lived everyday to the fullest. She was always there for you if you needed a hug or a shoulder to cry on. Rhonda is an inspiration for many. Her strength will carry on in the many hearts that she has touched.

Qualifications:  Closest dog/handler team to 518.48 points (Rhonda’s last and best score at regionals last year)

Donated by Badass Border Collies


Winner!!  Michelle Larson and Scarlet

Qualifications:  Youngest dog/handler team to qualify for Nationals

Award donated by Courtney Forester, Nicky Monson and Amy Lint

Good Sportsmanship Award

Winner!!  Quentin Skalyn and Reo

Qualifications:  This is a judges choice award for the dog/handler team who demonstrates good sportsmanship.

Donated by Mutt Hutt

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